Five reasons why Big Hug bean bags make fantastic Christmas gifts for children

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To an adult, a bean bag is nothing interesting: it's just a few pieces of material with stuffing inside. But to kids, they are so much more!! To kids, bean bags are a place to have exciting adventures AND a comfy chill out zone all rolled into one.

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Today we'll look at why children LOVE bean bags AND we'll give you five
reasons why they make FANTASTIC Christmas gifts for children!

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1) Bean bags can provide HOURS of fun play time

To a creative, energetic seven year old bean bags are newly discovered islands in the middle of the sea, they are planets ready for battle or the perfect location to build a castle. Big and bright bean bags lend themselves to world full of games, exciting adventures and bit of silly, fun time (Potwells' co-owner Nicola has put crash helmets on her children more than once, as they've taken to diving off the sofa into the bean bag head first!),

But.... it's not all about loud and exciting play times....

2) Bean bags also provide a quiet spot for sitting & relaxing

Bean bags multitask as quiet little havens, providing children with a perfect place to sit and play quietly, read or play computer games. Big Hug bean bags are so large they can easily be shared by two children. Perfect for girly gossips, a bit of gaming, reading time or watching a DVD.

In addition, a bean bag resolves the one part of Christmas every child dreads (I know I certainly did): being relegated to the floor when the whole family piles around for Christmas! As a child with a bean bag, you literally have the best seat in the house!

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3) They look AWESOME when wrapped up under the Christmas tree!

Our Big Hug bean bags are delivered in a HUGE box, which you can easily wrap up and put under the tree. Kids will be amazed by the sheer size of the present (especially if you have bought them another small gift, such as an iPod).

Bonus: they won't be able to guess what's in the box in a month of Sundays.

4) Our Big Hug bean bags are child proof

Another reason we think Big Hug bean bags are an ideal Christmas gift: they're child proof. We're not just talking any old bog-standard bean bag here, oh no! These eco-friendly luxury bean bags are round, so that means they don't fall into a flat square like traditional bags. They're also made from strong polyester fabric - so they're durable, water resistant and dirt resistant.

5) They make great gifts for kids of any age - even teenagers!

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Bean bags are used and loved by children of all ages, even teenagers! They're the n ideal Christmas gift for the child who has everything!

To compliment the our Big Hug bean bags, we have a range of fab stocking fillers you can choose from too: matching leather iPad cases, colourful wireless speakers and gorgeous crocheted hot water bottle covers. Shop all Potwells' Christmas stocking fillers now.

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