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Posted by Nicola Barnett on

Thanks for taking the time to read our first blog. When the barn, called Potwells incidentally, was conceived it was created to be our shop window. But what sort of shop is based in a barn I hear you ask? Well we wanted to be able to source really rare and unique gift ideas for children, so cool, they almost look part of the decor. Where better to showcase them, than in our virtual barn. Why the idea in the first place? Well the two founders, and a significant proportion of our friends get bored with trying to find really unique gifts for our kids or other people's kids. You know, gifts that stay the test of time. That are still a part of your home, long after they are bought. In fact gifts the are so cool the parents like them just as much a the kids. So we came up with our barn. A beautiful barn named Potwells. We want people to navigate around our barn and find treasures, so when someone tells you about Potwells, go on an adventure. You never know what you may find. 

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