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In our first blog, we introduced you to Potwells and wetted your appetite for adventure and treasure. Well let me tell you a little more about us. The two founders Julie and Nicola, the latter being me, are close friends with a posse of children. In fact 4 and 3 children respectively. We always seem to be complaining to each other about how hard it is to buy a gift for our kids, or our friends kids. It always seems to be the case that whatever we buy soon becomes yesterday's newspaper and if we are honest, we are never really that excited or inspired about our purchase. So we thought we would take matters into our own hands and along came Potwells our beautiful barn. Our treasure chest of gift ideas. Ideas that are great for the kids, the parents love them just as much, they look cool as part of your homes decor, and nobody else can buy them from the high street. No more time wasted shopping with kids in tow, no more surfing site after site. Just come to Potwells and find a little piece of treasure. 

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