A daddy and his boy

Posted by Nicola Barnett on

Well, I'm one of the husbands of the 2 founders. I'm already on the hunt for treasure in Potwells, our beautiful barn. With work I'm always travelling and, as the wife often protests, always complaining about being tired. I don't want my children to suffer the woes of a daddy without energy, so I need inspiration too. I want to be able to play with my boy and be inspired, so he becomes inspired. Well, while hunting for treasure in Potwells, I found the outdoor explorer kit. Johnnie, that's my boy, and I, have now become intrepid explorers around the countryside of Potwells. We now spend quality time. Not just me drifting off into my world of work, while Johnnie fights to get my attention, but time where we explore, get out, and really spend time together where we both learn about nature. That really is treasure. 

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