Scrambler Fun

Posted by Simon McLean on

After another week away travelling with work, I needed another fix of inspiration this weekend for my children. As such, I went looking in the treasure trove of Potwells to see what I could find. I found a Balance Bike , that really didn't look like the normal balance bikes. It had scrambler blow up tyres, and a comfy seat and looked more like a cool motor bike. We created a course for my son and daughter to race around in the back garden, while the bogey man chased them. A job I take very seriously incidentally. As the emphasis was on fun, they had no idea they were learning to ride at the same time. In fact my older Daughter wanted to join in too, and she can ride a Bike. Potwells even did Helmets and Gloves......not for the bogey man I hasten to add, but to protect the kids from the bogey man.

 Check them out here 

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