Not just Bean Bags, but Family Bags

Posted by Nicola Barnett on

This Sunday having had a great time exploring and chasing the kids in the Garden using some treasure from Potwells, we all came in from the cold and rain very happy. Once the baths were done and pyjamas on, we all decided to settle down for a cosy Sunday night. The sofa always feels limited though. Too narrow and a little too formal considering we were all intrepid outdoor types. Then it struck me, bean bags were not best designed for the sunshine and reading a book, they came into their own when they were part of family life, and at any time. If they looked cool, not like a piece of outdoor furniture, but a cool piece of decor then why couldn't they be the fulcrum of our sunday night. All of us congregated around the "family bags", talking, reading, using tablets, or even sleeping off the wilds of the outdoors. Look in Potwells, you'll see what I mean. Not a bean bag, but a cool part of family life.

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Here's a picture of the kids doing a spot of product testing, they gave it a 10/10.  


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