Milestones just got bigger and better.....

Posted by Marie Lloyd on

We absolutely love and adore this unique Lulujo Milestone Blanket & Cards Gift Set. It has to be a must for all us budding David Bailey's out there, who love taking pictures of our little ones. The blanket and cards make a perfect prop for baby photos, and perfect to show off our little bundles of joy.  Add other props and toys for that personal touch.  

Create beautiful keepsake photos for family and friends, ideal to the give those precious pictures as gifts at Christmas, or any other occasion. Tracking baby’s growth during their first year. Or sharing with friends on social media.

It currently comes in three designs and the one illustrated is our favourite. 
It can also be used as a swaddle, stroller cover, baby blanket, and nursing cover, and much much more, so in our opinion totally versatile. It measures a whooping 120cm x 120cm.  

So what are you all waiting for either grab one yourself or buy one as a adorable gift. 

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