Reining in your little Monkey.....!

Posted by Marie Lloyd on

Totally adore these Backpacks by Bobo Buddies they come in a range of different animals that all have names,  HipHop the Bunny, Mungo the Monkey, Lupo the Puppy, Roary the Lion and finally Raffy the Giraffe. Prefect... and as a parent whose children like to give every toy a name this is great. These backpacks can and will develop their own little character, and hopefully go everywhere with your little one, who won't want to part with their little friend making it easier for them to wear it when out and about. 

Incredibly soft and cuddly, with room inside for them to carry around their favourite bits and bobs, or even the matching comforter.

They are uber cute, come with detachable reins (70cm), so you can choose when to keep your little ones close. They fit any child aged 1-3 years with an adjustable chest strap,  snuggly and securely giving you that peace of mind near busy roads or in crowded places. 

They are designed in the UK by Bobo Buddies, washable at 30 degrees and 100% Polyester



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