Sparking childrens imagination with Potwells children's storage boxes and storage trunks

Potwells Childrens Storage Sparking a child’s imagination was our inspiration 


It was Einstein who said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world”. And we couldn’t agree more. Increasingly, child-development experts are recognising the importance of imagination and the role it plays in developing growing personalities.

As mums to seven very different little personalities, we have seen up close how imagination opens the door to learning. Imagination is more than fantasy play; it’s how our children learn about their worlds and express themselves and their ideas. We have seen our sons and daughters go on wild adventures through space and land back at home for dinnertime. We’ve seen them explore the globe, act out their favourite books, pretend to be teacher or mummy or make the most delicious cakes from play dough.

And experts agree that in their early years, it’s through experimenting and trying different roles that children express themselves. This is learning in its most fundamental form. Researchers have found imagination fosters cognitive and social development, critical thinking skills and creative problem solving as well as building social relationships. Sparking a child’s imagination is pretty important then.

And with this in mind, and through talking and playing with our children, we developed the characters for our new storage range. We let their imaginations run wild and we opened the door to all possibilities. And their individual personalities shone through. Together, we have developed an array of fun, stylish and individual storage boxes that includes dreamy mystical creatures and space heroes and animal friends including sloths, unicorns, zebras, astronauts and rockets.

In total, there are over 15 designs to choose from - including lions, monkeys, aliens and mermaids. Our original list was much longer so we had lots of discussions as to which characters would make the final cut. We’re really pleased with the collection and believe they will suit every growing personality, whether your child is a safari adventurer, a space cadet in training or a unicorn lover.

Our cheerful characterful storage range will make a stylish impact in any playroom or bedroom and niftily organise children’s toys and books. Our luxury, space-efficient boxes can fit neatly into well-known cube storage units (did someone say Ikea?!) or be stacked thanks to their cleverly designed lids. They also flat pack making them perfect for travelling and great for hotels or holiday homes, fitting neatly into any corner. For storing larger items or an abundance of teddies and games, our collection also includes three large storage chests. We think all the designs will make quite the impression and are perfect for keeping bedrooms tidy. Made from soft wipe-clean materials, with a fun, fuzzy character, and no sharp corners, the boxes are 100% child friendly.

And when not being used for storage, perhaps they will magically turn into a rocket or a time machine for travelling back in time to the dinosaurs. As we know, children love to play with the box, just as much as the toy! That’s why we’ve created them to be robust and practical – as well as inspiring. As mum’s we’ve seen the beneficial role of role play. Pushing their boundaries and experiencing the world – and galaxies - safe from the comfort of their playroom.

We hope our storage boxes will tune into little personalities, complement the on-trend designs of bedrooms and playrooms, and inspire people of all sizes to go on wild adventures.

And for more information on the benefits of imaginative play, check out this great article in ‘The Telegraph’

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