YuYu and Potwells - The original and the best long hot water bottle this Christmas

Potwells luxury hot water bottleOnly the Potwells’ children’s, extra-long, hot water bottles include a luxury YuYu bottle, made from high quality fair-trade natural rubber, making them 100% ‘little people’ friendly. At 75cm long, these inner bottles are ergonomically and cleverly designed with air bubbles on the body surface to trap heat. They should stay warm for around 6-8 hours. Ideal for evening cuddles on the sofa or to help sooth a poorly child or big kids of all ages.

Our lovable characters, Ursula, Dustin and Zavi, bring a touch of magic and fun to family life and reflect children’s characters and interests. We believe our cosy, ultra-toasty, luxury long hot water bottles really are the UK’s cuddliest. They lovingly offer children (big and small) comfort, every day of the year. With its elongated shape, the YuYu can be wrapped around your body or shared between two. And with washable covers, it doesn’t matter if the hot chocolate or Calpol is spilled a little.

As a family business, being ethical and sustainable is important to us. YuYu rubber is sourced from Sri Lanka, where the finest rubber trees are grown. The rubber YuYu use is eco-friendly, biodegradable, fair trade, flexible and beautifully soft. We take pride in working alongside ethically responsible partners.

 In addition to being a great partner to Potwells, YuYu has many admirers. It’s stocked in Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty in London and a number of exclusive 5 star hotels offer their guests the amazing experience of cuddling a YuYu bottle, including the Four Season and Ritz Carlton.  Last year, Whole Foods UK started developing a line with YuYu in line with its mission to "Building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company... Quality and state of mind."

YuYu Bottle

We fell in love with YuYu and thousands of customers in the UK and beyond - big and small - have fallen in love with our three lovable characters; Dusti, Zavi and Ursula. And they are in great company…don’t tell anyone but we know that a certain Prince Charles has a YuYu bottle at his Highgrove residence.

We think our Potwells bottles are certainly fit for a Prince or Princess –  so don’t be fooled by the court jesters out there this Christmas. You can rely on our long-lasting quality, sustainable rubber, extra-long, hot water bottles to supply cuddles and comfort through the festive period and for years, and years to come.

What makes Potwells and YuYu the best:

  • Extra-long (75cm) and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
  • YuYu Inner bottles are made from high quality, fair-trade, natural, biodegradable rubber
  • Inner bottles have bubbles on the body surface to trap heat. They should stay warm for around 6-8 hours at room temperature
  • Our super soft covers are made from luxury faux fur with beautifully embroidered details and are fully machine washable
  • Secure velcro cover fastening to keep little fingers from inner bottle
  • 3 beautiful made, friendly characters to choose from
  • The perfect gift for Christmas cuddles



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