BubaBloon Colour Your Own Travel Design Toy

  • £10.00

This balloon features a travel-themed print that includes boats, sandcastles, planes, ice cream and more of you holiday favourites.

The cotton covers help to reduce the chance of it popping. It is both washable and reusable, meaning your child will have endless amount of fun colouring in and playing with this balloon.

This product is the perfect gift for any child artist or discoverer and can be used anywhere!

It includes 5 washable markers (just pop the cover in the wash and it will be as good to colour over and over again) and 3 balloons (standard balloons will still work)

BubaBloon is extremely light and bouncy with a low risk of injury.


Made from poplin cotton 

Fully washable 

Can be used with any standard 12" balloon

Saftey tested and EN71 compliant 

CE marked 

Kid and grown-up approved