The Original Metal Box Company Solitaire Metal Game Box

This is a dazzlingly beautiful solitaire board with a box beneath. Shimmering white with clear, sparkling glass pieces, this box has a softly indented top to hold the glistening spheres and to keep them steady and ready for the final victorious leap to the centre. Solitaire, is a game of planning and cunning. Hone your strategic skills in moments of idleness, engage your mind in this timeless net of possibilities, open the box, relax and play.

  • The Games Boxes are also available in: Loopy Ludo, Snakes & Ladders and Draughts. The Games Boxes come with instructions and the appropriate playing pieces for each game.
  • Made from quality steel, powder coated and printed on the lid with a rich design of the game board. 
  • Measures: H4 x W30 x D 30cm.